Here We Go


2016, I’ll look back at you one day when I’m old and say: that was the year we moved to Florida! I was thirty years old and happier than ever. I felt the world was in turbulent times. Or was that simply something all generations had in common? A feeling of the world being in worse […]

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Tips for (international) students applying to grad schools in the United States


Many people have asked me how I got into grad school in the U.S. Did you apply independently? How will you finance it all? Aren’t tuition fees impossible to cover? These are the most common questions. So here are some tips for anyone who is interested in applying. The application round for PhD studies starting in Fall […]

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Famine, on stage


In 1994, South African Kevin Carter took a photograph on an assignment in Sudan. In this photograph we see a small child lying on the ground, visibly undernourished and weak, while a vulture stands behind the child, as if stalking it. The photo became an icon. It won a Pulitzer price. We think about famine and […]

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Fat shaming is not the way to go to beat obesity


The news keep flooding in. The world now has more obese people than hungry people, according to a new study published in Lancet which assembled body mass index data of almost 20 million people over the course of nearly 40 years. Diabetes, according to a recent report by WHO, is now the world’s 8th most […]

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We are moving to Florida!


Here’s the next big move for our little family: we are moving to Tampa, Florida! There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say, then again most things that have happened in the past years have not been imprinted in my life plan. Just riding the waves of life. That’s right. I am giving you wave […]

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Buggin’ out


Some two years back I was sitting in a car in rural Amhara in Ethiopia when the air suddenly went black. Hundreds upon hundreds locusts, those short-horned grasshoppers, swarmed past us like thick smoke. The locals kept it cool. This happened on a regular basis, I was told, and luckily locusts do not usually cause damage […]

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How Finland takes care of its mothers and babies


Once in a month my husband and I pack Amos in his stroller and walk a few blocks to our closest health care center. We take the elevator to the fourth floor and enter Neuvola, the maternity and child care clinic, or ‘Place for Advice’ as translated freely from the Finnish word. Neuvola is a Finnish public health care service available […]

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First trimester of motherhood and the things I’ve learned (so far)


I think very differently about mothers. Why do we use ‘Mama’s boy’ as an insult? Isn’t that a boy who loves his mama? What’s so funny about that? Let me confess right here and now that I sincerely hope I am raising a Mama’s Boy. And yes I confess that the day we came home from […]

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We can try and understand the science behind GMOs


I recently watched ‘GMO OMG‘, a documentary on genetically modified organisms on Netflix and have a few criticisms about it. The documentary was entertaining but I wish it hadn’t taken the easy road when it comes to the science behind GMOs. It did, and this approach was disappointing to me because I felt that the documentary maker could […]

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Book Tips, Part 3

Book tips

Since moving back to Finland from Ethiopia last September, I’ve been reading a lot of Finnish books, a nice change after being married to my Kindle for two years. However, I still read a lot in English. This time my book tips offer a mix of fiction and non-fiction, old and new. A Brief History […]

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